Why your ‘health journey’ is the reason you keep falling off the wagon

This is my newest tip that stopped my yo-yo dieting immediately!
How many times have you ‘started a health journey’? If I had a dollar for every time I started & fell off the wagon, I’d own 5 holiday houses around the world by now!

It was always the same – I’d have a moment of being fed up with feeling puffy, swollen, bloated & sluggish and in that moment I’d say, right, that’s it! I’m doing this, I’m getting this weight off & this time I mean it, no more falling off the wagon!

So I’d make a committed start, eating as best I could, doing my workouts every afternoon no matter what, feeling super motivated and in routine.

But then something would happen that threw a spanner in my well-oiled machine and all of a sudden I couldn’t stick to the healthy meals I’d been eating & I had to miss some workouts. I’d get so frustrated that I’d just say ‘stuff it’ I’ll have to stop my health journey for now and start again when this crazy time has passed.’

Weeks would go by where I’d be back eating crappy sugary treats, takeaway too often & unhealthy dinners (I have to admit, there was a voice in my head making me want to indulge in the junk food again as like a ‘last hurrah’ before I restarted & became strict on my eating and tell myself I couldn’t have those foods anymore –  so I probably went a little harder on the junk if I’m honest…)

And guess what, every time this happened, I wound up feeling worse than I did before the last time I started.

I stayed stuck in this vortex, getting nowhere for a good few years – years I wish I could have back.

But there’s something that started changing for me over time that I now know to be the one thing that broke me out of this vicious yo-yo health journey cycle and actually got me staying consistent, keeping the weight off, feeling energised & more comfortable in my body, even when those crazy busy times came up in life!

I’ve been sharing this mentality with the Forever Fit Fam & its having an immediate improvement in their consistency, motivation & mindset around their health that is keeping them on track & getting them results in even less time than before!

So I want to share it with you now to help you too!

The change was that I started incorporating healthy habits into my everyday life & stopped looking at it as a ‘health journey’. This enabled me to stop seeing my health as ‘all-or-nothing’ so when I couldn’t be 100% on track, I no longer went 100% off track & went backwards!
I started identifying as a healthy person & not a person on a health journey.

The word journey makes us think of it as having a destination and being something that is external to us, something we do & not who we are and this exact mentality is why we fall off the wagon, because as soon as we feel we can’t be 100% on our journey, we feel we have to stop & restart all the time but this is not the case.

Every healthy choice you make adds up & so do the unhealthy ones.

So, when you can’t be 100% on track, just try to make the most healthy decisions you can each day and you’ll keep moving forward & getting better with each choice.

Take it from me and the Forever Fit Fam – it WORKS!

Try implementing this tip into your daily life now & start seeing faster & more consistent improvements in your energy, health, weightloss & confidence too!

And if you feel you need some support with how to make the best healthy choices in your specific busy life that will work for your body & health goals, I am here to help you

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I’ll personally reply & we can chat about your needs to see what will work best for you.

I hope this is helpful for you
Love & Health,
Coach MJ xx

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