Why your daily coffee is making you more tired

Do you jump out of bed and reach straight for a coffee?
If you answered yes to this, do you also only eat breakfast when you have time (not everyday)?
And if you answered yes to this, do you also find that you’re always feeling sluggish, craving sugar and feel like you hit a major energy wall at about 3pm? (And reach for another coffee?)

Here’s why those coffees are actually making your energy, and therefore, sugar cravings worse And what yo need to know to get your energy back now!

➡️ Caffeine binds to the iron particles in your food which blocks those iron particles being absorbed into your body
➡️ Iron is largely responsible for the transport of oxygen around our bodies which gives us more energy & makes our brain function better to keep you more motivated & less stressed
➡️ Less absorbed iron means less oxygen uptake which means less energy & brain function. This increases your stress, makes you crave sugar & laves you feeling lethargic & unmotivated all day!

What can you do to have your coffee & energy too?

✅ Firstly, make sure you’re getting a good balance of nutrients into your body everyday to ensure adequate iron intake. This means a healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner made up of un-processed foods as much as possible.

✅ Try to avoid caffeine within 2 hours of your large meals to ensure iron absorption is not inhibited by he caffeine – especially if you suffer iron an deficiency or have trouble absorbing iron, even on a good day.

Do this and within 1 week you will notice a crazy improvement in your energy & mental focus and an amazing reduction in your stress & sugar cravings!
You will most likely even feel those jeans get looser too!

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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