Why you keep falling off the wagon – The 3 stages of motivation you need to know about

Motivation is hands down the hardest thing to keep when you’re trying to lose weight, am I right?
It’s so frustrating because it keeps you stuck in an endless cycle of yo-yoing,
Losing a little weight, gaining it back,
Starting your diet fresh again, then caving in to temptation after a week or two & falling off the wagon.
You can waste years in this cycle and get nothing but tighter jeans, less confidence & less energy.
Luckily I have some news for you that will completely change your mindset & keep you motivated from day one!
So that you never yo-yo again! You’ll be able to keep going and keep getting results day after day!
Here’s what you need to know about motivation that has, until now, been the reason you keep falling off the wagon feeling unmotivated:
There are actually 3 stages of motivation that we all go through and knowing them will stop you giving up ever again when you feel ‘unmotivated’!
1. High motivation at the start – You’re excited, you know your goal and you have a plan to achieve it – like an eating & exercise plan (for the sake of this chat, we’ll assume that the plan you’ve chosen is right for you & will actually get you lasting results because not getting results from doing something that doesn’t work will literally kill your motivation every time)

This motivation lasts about 2-3, maybe 4 weeks while you find your groove and see fast results from the changes you make to your eating & exercise
2. Motivation vanishes – Out of nowhere, your food cravings spike, your results slow up a little (as is normal), your mental demons & self doubt start to take over & old habits try to creep back in.
This is where most of us think we’ve become ‘unmotivated’ but actually this is normal!

The excitement has died off and you’re starting to realise that 20kgs cannot be lost in the 4 weeks you were hoping for at the start and you begin to realise this road is a little longer than you thought it’d be, and that can feel scary and easier to go back to how you were before.
The key to ETERNAL motivation is next!
3. The eternal motivation switch flips! – In stage 2, you MUST keep going, keep eating your healthy diet & keep doing your workouts whether you feel like it or not because magic is about to happen!

The consistency will keep getting you results and you’ll soon realise that its those healthy actions that are getting you those results. You’ll keep wanting to do them because you’ve noticed your jeans are looser, you love what you see in the mirror & you finally have more energy and patience for your family, work & friends!

Once you push through that stage 2 dip in motivation, you’ll never look back or fall off the wagon again because you now know how to get the results you want!
And remember, you won’t always ‘feel’ like doing a workout but DO NOT get ‘feeling unmotivated’ & ‘not feeling like it’ confused – they are not the same!
I hope this helps you push through to find that eternal motivation you’ve been wanting so badly and finally get consistent weightloss results
Love & Fitness,
Coach MJ xx

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