Why cutting carbs is making you gain weight & what to do now!

Have you tried cutting carbs to lose weight before and saw the scales go down pretty quickly at the start?
So you were feeling super motivated & excited for the first few weeks!

But then, the weightloss slowed down and you started missing chocolate, pasta and bread a little too much,

The cravings became too much and then you also started feeling super tired & frustrated and started falling off the wagon.

Until it got to the point you completely lost motivation and stopped trying?

You need to know you DID NOT fail! And it’s not your fault that you gave up on low carb!

Here’s why it doesn’t work:

1. Fast fatloss in the early stages of low carb is actually your body dropping water weight (that it actually needs) this is why you’ll plateau so quickly too.

2. Our bodies need carbs for energy so you’ll struggle to stay energised to exercise, or even do daily tasks like housework to burn fat.

3. Because our bodies need carbs, you’re going to crave them even more when you cut them and its going to be harder to say no so the risk of bingeing and regaining any losses is much higher.

4. Most of your fave foods have carbs in them; like chocolate, pasts, bread & ice cream so you basically don’t get to enjoy food anymore.

5. You start realising you want to enjoy life and want the carbs again but because you restricted, your metabolism adapted that then stores more fat when you eat them again! its a vicious cycle!

The best way to lose fat faster & for longer?

Lose it by including carbs in the right balanced way!
 Only then, can you stay energised to keep it up
 Avoid cravings
– Avoid bingeing & regaining weight
Oh, and you’ll get to enjoy dinners out & birthday cake GUILT & weight gain FREE, like I did for my birthday this week!

Weightloss doesn’t have to be hard, to get easy, lasting results, do it in a way you can enjoy and keep up for life!

I hope this helps you love life & get in great shape at the same time!

Love & Fitness,
Coach MJ xx

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