What I Eat In A Day

I get a lot of requests from you guys wanting to know the kinds of things I eat in a day that help me easily keep on track of me health & fitness without having to continuously count calories.

So here is my current daily go-to diet that I have been enjoying recently.

I’m a creature of habit so I tend to stick to similar foods for a while, and then I’ll change it up.

I prepare a meal plan for myself that’s basically one day’s worth of eating that is the right calorie and macro breakdown for my goals and then I’ll stick to that through the week.

All I have to do is keep an eye on my portion sizes (weighing my food helps) so I’m not always having to track in food tracking apps or count the calories, which I find tedious and never stick to.

This is a big reason that the meal plans in Forever Fit are set up the same way. They show you what to eat and how much so you don’t have to track but they also give you the flexibility to swap foods and make it your own (if you don’t like eating similar foods more than once a week like me)

This is why we see so much success with the girls on Forever Fit, getting amazing results with their meal plans and loving how easy it makes their eating.

BREAKFAST HACK: Always proteins fats and carbs to start the day! I save time by adding oats for carbs so I don’t have to cook toast if I am short on time.

FLAVOUR HACK FOR DINNER: I love flavouring my veg with anti-inflammatory seasoning like curry powder, and always use mineral dense Himalayan pink salt. The seasoning combo you see is my latest fave (seasoning is healthier than sauces) and omg, recently discovered sesame oil tastes AMAZE! I normally use olive oil.

👇 Check out the quick video below with sound on to hear my voiceover. I hope this helps give you some inspo for your own eating.

And if you’d love some support finding the nest way for you to be easting to easily achieve your fitness goals, head to the ‘Join Forever Fit Today’ link on my homepage here to learn more.

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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