These 5 Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Your Fitness Goals And How To Overcome Them

Have you ever said any of these destructive things to yourself?

If you have, you are quite literally stopping yourself dead in your tracks while trying to reach your fitness goals.

Our minds have a great and powerful way of leading us to self-doubt and criticism without us even realising it is happening.

Thoughts like these will creep in and stop you from believing in yourself and doing the things you know you need to do to see the results you want with your health and fitness.

Sentences and beliefs like the ones below are the most common ones

They will make you give up on yourself multiple times, keep you stuck and feeling frustrated

Unless you learn to identify them and overcome them.

So, GF, MJ to the rescue!

Here are these thoughts and the ACTUAL beliefs you should have

So that you can finally overcome these and crush your fitness goals once and for all!

These are LIES that are causing you to waste precious time not being as happy as you know you should be:

1. I DON’T HAVE TIME to take care of myself – YES you do! If you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t giving the best of you to those you are putting before you anyway. We all have the same 24 hours as you do, babe. To-do lists are a great way to structure your days more productively so you can fit your health needs in as well.

2. NOW ISN’T THE RIGHT TIME – No time ever will be!
Life will always be hectic so if you look for excuses, you’ll find them and waste more time. Learn to get healthy while life is crazy, then you’ll be unstoppable!

3. I’M UNMOTIVATED – If you want to change, then you are motivated! You may not have a clear idea of how to reach your goals so you feel unmotivated to do anything for fear of failing. All you need is a solid plan that will get you to your goals and then follow it even when you don’t feel like it. Results will come from this and that will motivate you. We don’t always feel like doing the things we need to but we have to take the action to see the results.

4. I DONT HAVE ENERGY – That’s because you haven’t started! Taking care of your body gives you energy! But you have to start first.

5. I CAN’T AFFORD IT – Then prepare to afford medical bills and looking back on a life you wish you’d done more with while you were hiding away from the world, unhappy and exhausted all the time. However, I strongly believe finances should not be something that prevents you from getting into your best shape! Forever Fit focuses on affordable eating habits and home workouts to save you money on gym memberships and food. Find out more here:

6. IT’LL TAKE TOO LONG – Waiting to start won’t make it faster. We all start at the beginning. Just make one small change, then another, and before you know it, it’s all added up to noticeable changes.

If you’ve ever said any of these things, you need to turn that mindset around right now, babe, or you’ll never see the lasting results you desire.

I know this is tough love but I want to see you thrive and if this little kick up the bum from your hype girl is what it takes, then I’m ok for you to dislike me a little while you level up your mindset and decide to take some action!

You’ll love me for it soon enough,

Coach MJ, xx

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