The Truth About Fatloss Foods That’s Affecting Your Results

I’m seeing far too many coaches saying no foods that are better for fatloss & that you can lose weight by eating anything you want, as long as you’re in a calorie deficit.

There is a huge problem with this statement that is causing a lot of girls to eat the wrong foods in an attempt to lose weight. It’s stopping them from seeing the results they want and leaving them frustrated because they don’t understand why. They are following ‘professional’ advice after all, aren’t they?

Here’s what I have a problem with:

1️⃣ There are absolutely foods that are better for fatloss than others. Unprocessed, nutrient dense foods are 1000% x better! You will undoubtedly lose more fat and have more energy by fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs than you will living off McDonalds, calorie deficit or not.

2️⃣ Processed, low nutrient foods cause inflammation & chronic illness and are loaded with chemicals and toxins – why are we saying its ok to eat as much of these as we want?

3️⃣ Weightloss programs like WW are a good example, they encourage this exact thing – telling people to eat these processed foods but as long as they’re under their daily points they’ll be fine. You might lose weight, but you won’t be ‘healthy’ or energised which is also what we want as well as weightloss, isn’t it?

4️⃣ Coaches encouraging biscuits, ice cream, etc. daily as part of your 80/20 – Girls who struggle to control their sweet tooth are not going to benefit from having a ‘small’ sweet treat each day, it will only fuel their bingeing.
This also still encourages you to put processed foods in your body each day which doesn’t help fatloss or energy levels.

What we need to do:

✅ Limit your processed food to no more than twice a week – set aside a meal one day of the week where you can have these and keep it to that window – like for a party, out for dinner or movie night etc. The rest of your meals should be made up of unprocessed nutrient dense, healthy foods

✅ There are so many natural sweet treats out there these days too, try to opt for those as much as you can rather than normal chocolates, chips & ice creams, etc.

This way, you can still have your ice cream & pizza wine even, and still get into amazing shape for life!

Fatloss & health are not the same thing, don’t get confused by this. Health is maintaining a healthy weight, feeling energised and avoiding chronic illness.

You can burn fat and still be unhealthy, feel sluggish & bloated if you fuel your body with the wrong foods.

This problem is the exact reason I have created the meal plans & flexibility around eating in Forever Fit they way I have. I teach the Fit Fam how to perfectly balance their healthy foods with the less health ones for actual best results.

The way they always tell me they are seeing cms drop off, their energy is increasing, thei mental health is improving & they are feeling more confident & enjoying life more, goes to show just how well this works!

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