The ONE reason you’re struggling to tone your booty & flatten your tummy

Chasing weightloss is the worst way to get toned – here’s why:

If you’re trying to tone your bum & flatten your tummy and you’re struggling to see the tone you want as easily as you’d hoped, starting to lose motivation & consistency, getting fed up with your slow progress,

Here’s a big mistake I see a lot of ladies making when trying to tighten & tone their bodies:

1. When we think tone, we thing weightloss so we get on the scales each week (maybe daily) & if they go up, we cut carbs or calories and try more exercise immediately.
Then that doesn’t work, or its too unenjoyable so we give up for a while, thinking we’ve lost motivation and wait for it to come back to try again.
This is a vicious cycle that is NEVER going to get you a body that you a proud to show off!

Here’s what you need to do instead:

1. Stop focusing on the ‘weightloss’ and start focusing on building strength & muscle with strength workouts (at least 3 per week) instead of just cardio. Muscle is what makes us look toned and if its not developed when you burn fat, you won’t look toned no matter how much fat you lose.

Muscle also adds weight on the scales so if you keep just trying to make that number on the scales go down, you’re likely no building that muscle

2. Muscle makes your metabolism faster too so you can EAT MORE & burn more fat!

3. Stop cutting so much food – especially healthy carbs! Our bodies need calories, healthy nutrients – including carbs to build that precious muscle so that you can look toned! Make sure you are eating enough for your bodies needs!

Once you start giving your body the healthy food & nutrients it needs and regularly strength training, you’ll find your jeans & dresses will start fitting better, you’ll have so much more energy & you’ll be in the best shape of your life while loving the process rather than feeling restricted & punished!

I hope these tips help you finally get that toned booty & flat tummy you’ve been wanting, just like they do for me and the Forever Fit girls!

And if you’d love any help with what foods you should be eating or what workouts are best for your goals,

Please send me a DM on Facebook Messenger by clicking here saying FIT & lets get you building that booty, flattening that tummy & feeling more confident than ever, now!

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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