Tamika’s Amazing Forever Fit Transformation

How good is Tamika looking! Here’s how she’s done it.

This transformation is proof that the methods I teach the Forever Fit girls really does get lasting results!

Tamika was a Fit Fam member back in 2021 & has kept up what she learnt to keep her excess weight off!

I could not be more proud of this girl! Facing every obstacle life threw at her, she stayed on track and simply did the bet she could everyday. She didn’t throw her hands in the air and wait for smoother seas to start her journey again – a huge thing we work on in Forever Fit.

Because Forever Fit gives you simple tools for eating & exercise and the guidance to do these things properly, in the right way that works for your lifestyle
No matter how busy you are or what you’re going through!

In the Fit Fam, our mantra is: Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Motivation & mindset are also big things we focus on in our Fit Fam live coaching sessions which is what keeps the girls on track long term, like Tamika.

Tamika wanted me to share her transformation to inspire any ladies out there who are struggling to shift excess weight because their busy lives, lack of motivation, or simply because they just don’t know how to lose the weight forever is holding them back.

If this is you, and you’d love to flatten your belly, tone your legs & arms and want the process to be enjoyable, fun and LASTING – and you live a crazy busy lifestyle,

Send me a DM on Instagram now saying FIT by clicking this link to find out more info.

Or, if you’d love to get instant access to everything that helped Tamika achieve this transformation free for 7 days to see if it can work easily for you as well,

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Love & Health, Coach MJ xx

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