Insane hack that will STOP your emotional eating immediately

This is literally what stopped me bingeing at all & its SO simple!
You are not alone if you are struggling to overcome emotional eating habits. And if your emotionally fuelled binges are affecting your ability to lose weight its even more frustrating, right?

I hear you! I struggled with this for years, reaching for the chocolate whenever I was sad, stressed or overwhelmed. And it made me so miserable! I felt like crap all the time & could never shift the weight around my tummy & thighs because of it.

So now that I am completely free of those emotional eating urges and have been able to take control of my health, fitness & weight, I want to share my best tip with you so that you can take back control easily too!

Yep, I said easily! I share this tip with the Forever Fit Fam to help them break their binge eating habits to  and we see an immediate shift that helps them stop reaching for the food when they’re stressed, depressed, or anxious too!

Next time you’re feeling the urge to binge on the comfort food because you’re:
 Feeling depressed because of issues with loved ones
 Stressed & overwhelmed with work, social life & your kids or family
 Sad and perhaps dealing with a sick or dying loved one
 Feeling frustrated because you’re not seeing the weightloss results you want
 Or literally anything else that’s making you want to reach for that chocolate

We reach for comfort food because our brains know that it’ll release feel good hormones, so we crave that moment of relief. But ultimately, that only lasts a moment & your problems are still there after.

Here’s what to do next time you’re feeling a comfort food binge coming on – Ask yourself these things:

1. Will this food fix the problem I’m facing?
2. Will I feel better after thig binge & be more empowered to solve the problem that’s getting me down?
3. Will this binge give me the mental clarity & energy to cope with my stress or will it give me more brain fog & add to my stress?
4. Will the guilt I feel after this binge help me feel better about what’s happening to me right now?

It seems so simple but I promise you, If you write these 4 things down, and sit them somewhere near your go-to comfort food and look at them when you’re feeling the urge for an emotional comfort food binge, the answer to all of these will be no.

And it’ll help you realise that comfort food never solved anyone’s problems – you are only about to make yourself feel worse when you’re already struggling and you won’t wan to do that to yourself.

This literally works so well for me that I now don’t even think to turn to food to cope with stress or anxiety anymore!

Give this a try for at least a month and you’ll see yourself take back control of your weight,
health & happiness too!
Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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