Iced Chocolate or Under 100 Cals & ZERO sugar?! Here’s How

Are you trying to kick your sugar addiction but cannot seem to get past those relentless cravings in the early stages?

One of the best tips I give to the Forever Fit Fam to help them overcome their cravings & break their sugar addiction for life is to find sugar-free alternatives that get them through the moment without adding fuel to the craving fire by giving your body sugar & making the process of ditching the addiction for life take even longer!

Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have something sweet knowing it won’t add to the waistline, hey?

Here’s a delicious & quick (done in less than 5 minutes) iced chocolate I and the Fit Fam have been loving lately!

For less than 100 calories & zero sugars!!

1. 500ml chilled unsweetened milk alternative of choice
2. 1.5 dessert spoons Cacao Powder
3. Approx. 1 Tbsp sugar-free Maple Syrup (or to sweetness taste you prefer)
4. Add all ingredients to a shaker or milkshake mixer & blend until cacao lumps are gone
5. Enjoy!
Keep this recipe on hand for when those cravings are at their worst & you will be in control of your sugar cravings easily & for life in no time!

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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