How Zara kept losing weight when her life was turned upside down

Forever Fit getting results even when life has been turned upside down unexpectedly!

Forever Fit member Zara is living proof that you don’t have to be 100% on point with everything, all at once, everyday to get results.

Zara has been in the Fit Fam for a couple of months and recently had a family tragedy that greatly affected her both physically and emotionally. Her life has been temporarily turned upside down and she has been unable to fully stay on track with her eating and exercise as she had been.

What she did commit to, though, was making the healthiest food choices she could in line with her Forever Fit meal plans and moved her body as often as she could with her Forever Fit app workouts, even if it was only twice a week sometimes.

Because Zara has complete access to me for ongoing guidance & support, she is able to aske me for help daily to make the best healthy choices with what she has available. And she can continuously have my reassurance that she is doing enough to stay on track, which helps her not want to give up, no matter how she is feeling emotionally.

Because of this, in this last couple of weeks since this has happened, Zara has still been able to get the amazing results you see in the picture above!

Forever Fit is designed to get results even if you aren’t always absolutely nailing everything, because fitness is a journey where your small daily actions are what add up to your results.

With the right tools, like the ones you get with Forever Fit, you will get results, even if you are making mistakes and don’t have loads of spare time to spend on your fitness!

Zara is the epitome of what Forever Fit stands for – putting your health first to become the BEST version  of you & become better for those you love!

If you would love to have results like Zara, but are struggling because you feel you can’t fully commit, please remember Zara’s story, and just start with small healthy actions each day. As you practice & get better, it becomes easier, you become able to do more and more for your health and before you know it, you’re in your best shape ever!

If you feel unsure what healthy actions you need to start with for the best results, or you feel you need some support to make a start,

Click this link here to try your free 7 day trial of Forever Fit today and see if it can be your perfect solution to easily getting into your best shape no matter how busy you are too!


Love & Fitness,

Coach MJ xx

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