How Zara got rid of her muffin top & lost over 10 kg & is STILL losing more!

Are you uncomfortable in your body right now, squeezing into clothes that don’t fit and dig in around your hips?
And are you also struggling to lose this weight & finally feel amazing in your skin, because either:

👉 You don’t know what to do to lose it
👉 You’re too busy to ‘focus on your health’ right now?

What if I told you that Zara was BOTH of these and look at the amazing results she is getting with Forever Fit!

Zara is a busy mum of 2 gorgeous young ones – life isn’t slowing down for her anytime soon but she was fed up with feeling uncomfortable, lethargic & stuck in a body that didn’t belong to her.

Zara was struggling most with knowing how to eat a balanced diet so that she could burn fat & have the energy she needs, and exercise quickly between chores or errands in a way that was actually going to get her results.
She needed a simple, family friendly way to lose her that was flexible around her hectic lifestyle.

This is what we are all about in Forever Fit! Your healthy lifestyle should fit around you, not you having to fit around it –  that’s how you get lasting results – make it fit for you!

So we set Zara up with:
✅ Flexible, family friendly, fat-burning meal plans that save her time & money
✅ Fast, effective, toning workouts she can do at home
✅ Daily motivation, support & 1:1 coaching with me & her entire Fit Fam of ladies crushing their goals by her side in our VIP group and in her MJ Fit Life App

In Forever Fit, we work with you to help you find the routine that best fits your lifestyle and keep you motivated at the same time, so you can get finally slip into those jeans easily and feel amazing in your skin again!

Learn more about Forever Fit & how it could help you get back into your best shape as a busy mum by clicking here: Forever Fit Learn More

And don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram with any questions so I can help you overcome anything that’s holding you back

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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