How To Reduce Stress & Overwhelm For Faster Results

Are you feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed?  If so, did you know this can also affect your ability to get into shape easily?

I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t stressed out more often than not. But I do speak to a lot of stressed out ladies who also feel like they’re getting nowhere with their health goals.

Stress has a negative effect on health in so many ways:
❌ Poor sleep
❌ Poor eating habits
❌ Faster ageing process
❌ Slower fatloss

I am always finding ways to keep my stress down and recently, in the Forever Fit Fam’s Mindset MonYay live chat I do with them, I confessed I’d been letting too much creep onto my plate and was starting to feel overwhelmed and stressed with business and life. I’d also noticed more bloating and fluid retention.

So I set my weekly intention to only focus on what needs to be done now and keep anything else on the list for later.

Through the next week and even now, I feel so much less stressed, I have more mental clarity & my sleep improved!

Here are some of my best stress reducing tips if you feel you need to try them:

1. Reduce caffeine intake.

2. Energise your body & mind with nutritious food (don’t under eat!).

3. If you are feeling too exhausted, skip the HIIT workout and opt for a lower intensity movement (excessive exertion can add to the stress on your body and make matters worse).

4. Use to-do lists to prioritise tasks that need to be done now (today/this week) and keep other lists of things that need to be don’t but can wait. This clears the mental clutter and reduces your anxiety about forgetting to do things.

I’ll give you 3 for now, to avoid overwhelming you with too much info haha, but I hope these help you!

I’m always offering all of my tips like this to the Forever Fit Fam as part of their lifestyle transformation coaching to help them get the best results possible!

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Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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