How to get into the right mindset if you’re struggling to stay motivated

When I was starting my fitness journey, the biggest thing that always made me fall off the wagon was my mindset.

I felt if I had a slip up or didn’t have a full on track week, I’d completely go off the rails and undo any progress I’d made.

Weekends & parties were the worst, once I’d done one thing off plan the flood gates opened.

It was so frustrating, like I was just a passenger in my own head & if my brain wanted junk food, that was it, I’d cave, see no progress that week and have to try and start over the next week.

But the whole thing would just happen again no matter how hard I tried.

I spent years getting nowhere, punishing my body with restriction & bingeing & always felt like crap.

I needed something to help me actually stop wanting the junk food to start with.

These days, I am in complete control of my eating – cravings & bingeing are no longer a problem & I have never felt better!

How I did it is actually quite easy;

I teach this to the Forever Fit Fam as part of our weekly live coaching sessions & it’s so powerful in helping the girls get in control of their eating to see faster results!

Fit Fam members like Angie, Jakki & Jody to name a few, are seeing incredibly fast results simply from using these tips to take control of their eating.

It all starts in your mind. You have to train your mind to not actually want the food in the first place.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is to continually tell your mind you don’t need it and day by day, your subconscious brain starts to steer away from unhealthy options. Affirmations are an incredibly powerful way to change the way your brain thinks & therefore acts.

Every action we take starts as a belief in our mind Change those & you change your actions & therefore your outcome.

I’ve been using affirmations for not only my health but all other things I want in life since I discovered this!

They work every time & it’s also why I have added a daily affirmations section to my Daily Planner that’s coming out soon! (stay tuned here on the site & on my socials for further deets)

My favourite food affirmation is “I enjoy feeling energised with the nourishing food I eat” Saying this makes your brain focus more on healthy choices & you naturally gravitate towards healthy foods.

You see how good you feel with healthy choices & you stop wanting junk!

If you’ve been struggling to get your mindset right, too, give this a try! You will start seeing a shift very quickly & before you know it, you’ll wonder why you struggled for so long to control your eating & see results!

If this is something you feel you need further guidance on, this is a huge part of what I coach on as part of my Forever Fit transformation program to help you get it right and make it easy.

Join us in the Fam now to see the results you want faster while building lifelong habits to stay in your bet shape for life!

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Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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