How junk food companies are keeping us addicted & how to stop bingeing

My biggest struggle when trying to lose weight, get fit & feel healthier, was cutting the junk food – the chips, chocolate, biscuits & fizzy drinks! No matter how hard I tried, I always found myself craving them which always resulted in bingeing, because once you start, it’s impossible to put that packet down, right?!

I used to get so upset & frustrated because I didn’t want to fall victim to this all the time, I felt like I had no control over my body because I couldn’t even control myself around food, it was really unsettling. And not knowing why I couldn’t stop, made me feel even more hopeless & I would always blame myself thinking it was just my lack of willpower.

But then I learned a secret about junk food that the companies making them don’t want you to know! And it completely changed the way I looked at those foods, helped me take back control of my eating, stop bingeing, improve my health, and of course, get my confidence back!

So I’m sharing it with you here to hopefully help you do the same:

These companies are using science to specifically create their flavours in just the right way to keep us addicted!

Here’s how:

As babies, we don’t know that we need to eat to survive, we just know what makes us feel good so that we keep going back for more. Food that tastes good makes our brains release feel good hormones like dopamine so that we keep going back for them & don’t starve.

 Mother’s breast milk contains a certain balance of fatty/salty/sweet flavour that we love & gives us that good feeling to keep coming back for.

 When we nurse with our mothers as babies, we feel safe & secure & that feeling comes with junk food later in life which is why we emotionally eat for comfort too.

 Junk food companies know this & create their flavours to mimic that flavour balance to keep us wanting more of them & make us addicted to that feel good hormone release.

They literally have us wrapped around their little fingers, trapped and addicted to their foods, thinking we just have no willpower to say know & feeling guilty!

Once I learned this, my outlook on using food for emotional comfort completely stopped & I realised, I can get those same flavour combinations & happiness from un-processed foods while actually improving my health!

Then my bingeing & food addictions completely stopped because I was more mindful of ‘why’ I was eating & how I was fuelling my body, not just mindlessly bingeing on empty calories for a quick emotional boost that soon fades anyway.

Now I feel energised, happy & healthy all the time & the best part is, I’m able to easily stay in my best shape ever!

I hope reading this helps you do the same – knowledge is power!
Love & Health,
Coach MJ xx

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