How I Ease My Anxiety – Actionable Tips For You

There’s something I’ve noticed about my fear and anxiety that has really helped me overcome it and might help you too!

I am a person who always tries to understand the root cause of an issue, its how my brain has always worked. It helps me to implement fixes and solutions better.

So when I started trying to understand my fear and anxiety, (particularly when I started having it more with growing my business and my fear of failure) I noticed something that has really helped me:

Whenever I felt scared about something, I realised either one of 2 things was causing the fear:

1. Either I knew what to do about it but didn’t want to put in the effort so I felt like it was too hard to fix. Or,

2. I couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have the mental energy to come up with a solution.

Both of these 2 problems came down to laziness, pretty much. Feeling too lazy to implement fixes to my problems.

And I have found that the easiest way to overcome this is to simply sit down, get clear on a solution and exact action steps on how I’ll fit it.

Every time I’ve done this, without fail, my anxiety has gone down 10 fold because I gained back control and overcame the issue I was fearing.

So, Fam, next time you’re feeling scared or anxious about something, get clear on how you can fix it or what will make you feel better about it and then simply do what you need to to fix it, even if doing those things is uncomfortable.

You’ll be glad you did when it reduces your anxiety.

I Hope this helps you like it does for me, Fam.

Love & Fitness,

 Coach MJ xx

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