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Hey Beautiful!

Are you ready finally be in control of your health, lose your unwanted weight & feel confident in your body just like 100s of other busy ladies with Forever Fit?

If you’re like me, and so many other busy ladies, you probably coasted through school never really focusing on your diet or having to ‘try’ to be healthy.

But then, after school, you found yourself eating the wrong foods, moving less & weight started piling on. Your favourite clothes don’t fit anymore & you stop recognising or loving the girl you see in the mirror.

You become self conscious and it begins to affect your mental health, but the worst part is, you have no idea how to get this weight off and start living a balanced lifestyle that doesn’t restrict you from enjoying the fun things in life or make you have to become a different ‘strictly healthy’ person.

This is exactly what happened to me and after trying to lose my weight the wrong way for years, I finally found my perfect happy health balance &have never been happier or more confident & so I created Forever Fit, to help you start loving your body & life again too!

I’m Megan Jane

And I’m so excited you’re here!

You might know me as Coach MJ.

I have been a fitness instructor for over a decade, helping ladies just like you to get more energy, lose unwanted weight easily, love their bodies again, and start living their lives to the fullest!

And now it’s your turn!

Since the age of 19, I gained 15kilos pretty quickly. I’d stopped playing netball, my metabolism slowed down (as it does with maturity), And I was no longer in school with structured, simple days. I was now a busy, working girl with the same poor eating habits and definitely not exercising like I should have been.

As the weight crept on, I found myself sinking into that self-conscious, dark place…

The worst part for me was that I had no idea how to get out of it. So in desperation, I tried everything, including every fad diet that promised fast results.

  • Juice detoxes
  • Low carb and low-fat eating
  • Too much cardio
  • Heavy calorie restriction and skipping meals made me crave sugar and binge I knew I couldn’t keep that up.

I made myself seriously ill at one point from all the restrictions and extremes and still have some allergies I developed from it.

I started hating social events because eating and alcohol would make me blow out & I was emotionally eating a lot!

I became obsessed with the number on the scales, even though I knew it wasn’t showing my real results.

I didn’t actually know how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I was either dieting or stuck, no in-between. I couldn’t enjoy the process.

I knew there had to be a way to become my healthiest self, stop bingeing, and be able to enjoy going out as well. I needed it to feel easy so I didn’t always feel like I was struggling to follow a diet. It had to be a lifestyle. And it had to fit my schedule, not the other way around.

I started researching and spent years trying different things until I finally found the perfect balance of eating and exercise that could flexibly fit into my life, no matter how busy I got.

I didn’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen or the gym and I didn’t want to stop eating chocolate, pizza or drinking alcohol either! So I created a fast, effective, balanced eating and workout system that could get me the results I wanted with minimal effort.

And that is what Forever Fit is about

Making self-love, health, energy, and confidence, things you can have for life, easily!

Simplicity is the key, it’s not meant to be complicated so I have made Forever Fit, your one-stop, simple solution that gives you everything you need, and takes the guesswork out for you so you don’t have to waste years feeling stuck and frustrated as I did.

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What DOESN’T work for weightloss

In becoming an expert in health, weightloss and fitness, there are a few key things I learned that are the reason we suffer low energy & struggle to lose weight:

Not eating enough calories or skipping meals

Slows your metabolism and lowers your blood sugar, making you tired, crave sugar, and unable to burn fat.

Eating the wrong calories

Not eating the right balance of macro and micronutrients can cause bloating, sluggishness, stop fat loss and increase mental stress & brain fog.

Eating too many calories

Overeating is the first step to weight gain but is so easy to do!

Not exercising properly

Doing the wrong types of workouts for your body and not doing enough can mean all your efforts are wasted.

Sounds like a lot hey?

It can feel almost impossible to know how many calories you need to eat and which foods will give you the right balance of nutrients to reduce bloating, lose fat faster, and have endless energy! Let alone working out what workouts are going to target the areas you want and not waste your energy.

All of this can be the biggest motivation killer and is what prevents most ladies from ever starting.

This is why I created Forever Fit, to give you everything you need, take out the guesswork and, importantly, make it SIMPLE for you!

How Forever Fit works

What you get

Take as long as you need to reach your health and fitness goals & learn the habits needed to maintain for life. Anything from 12 weeks to 12 months!

Because the only true way to achieve lifelong results is to get them by doing what you intend to do for life.

Done For You Diet – Weekly Meal Plans

Using my unique Bloodsugar Balancing eating method that will:

  • Give you all-day energy
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Kill sugar & fatty food cravings
  • Increase your mood & mental focus
  • Allow your favourite foods with balance – cause, it’s a lifestyle, right?!
  • Minimise time in the kitchen with meal prep hacks & your grocery bill with the included shopping lists!

Personal Preference Planner – Food Swap List

Make food swaps to anything on the meal plans, no matter your requirements & stay on track easily!

Fast, effective, fat-burning, tone building workouts

A new workout program every month for up to 12 months – no more plateaus!- Workout at home or the gym

  • All you need is a set of hand weights
  • Done in as little as 40 minutes!
  • Workout with me – Instructional videos featuring yours truly to push and motivate you to go harder and show you the correct technique.
  • Your structured workout guide tells you exactly what to do, even on what day, so you never lose motivation!

24/7 support with me 1 on 1

PLUS support from other like-minded ladies on the same journey as you, all across Australia & the world!

  • Twice weekly check-ins from me to keep you motivated and getting results
  • 24/7 access to me to answer your questions and help you overcome any struggles on the spot – no more falling off the wagon!
  • Be supported every step of the way with ladies crushing their goals by your side by becoming a member of the Forever Fit Fam VIP Facebook Messenger chat group – you’ll feel unstoppable!

Exclusive access to your Forever Fit Program in the MJ Fit Life App

  • Your meal plans & workouts at the click of a button anywhere, anytime
  • Stay motivated and watch your body change with progress photo & measurement uploads directly into your app profile

Weekly live coaching sessions

  • Live workouts, mindset, affirmation & goal setting sessions, and technique tutorials each week – with coach MJ – in our exclusive VIP Facebook Group to help you crush each week and see better results sooner
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Free Bonus

Accepted Members Only

24/7 access to the exclusive video database of educational videos from me (this database is added to each week with topics that you, the Forever Fit Fam have asked for) Learn everything there is to know about diet, exercise, mindset, motivation, and more! This is housed exclusively in the app.

Access valued at $300 AUD – FREE with your Forever Fit subscription!

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Check out these previous Forever Fit success stories!


Even with severe IBS and limited variety of foods she could eat, Melita was able to successfully lose weight, feel amazing and regain the confidence in herself that she could do this, no matter what her body was dealing with! We worked closely with Melita to help her modify her food intake to suit her specific needs.


After slow weight gain post-high school from becoming a mum, Rosie reached a point she was fed up and needed to change her habits to lose this weight once and for all. She wanted guidance on easy, fast, family-friendly meals and workouts she could do around the kids. Within 6 weeks on Forever Fit, Rosie had reached her goal weight and has kept it off for years!


Tamzen is a busy mum working full time and wanted a targeted, easy-to-follow program that would get her into her best shape ever! The results speak for themselves!

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How long do I need to reach my goal?

Great question!

In my decade of helping ladies lose weight, get into their best shape and actually create the habits needed to successfully maintain for life, I have found that 12 weeks is the minimum amount of time needed, and anything up to 10kgs can safely and sustainably be lost in this time.

I am here with you the whole way until you reach your goal – no matter how big – and feel confident you can maintain without my support.

We will work together for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure your success. However, your journey can be as long as you need it to be, from 12 weeks up to 12 months, or more! No more feeling like a failure because you didn’t lose weight by the ‘end of your program’! Just, easy, sustainable results and you get to ENJOY the journey!

Are the foods on the meal plans family friendly?

Absolutely! In fact, I can guarantee you have all of the foods in your first meal plan already in your fridge and pantry! We only use simple, everyday healthy foods done in the right way to get you easy results that last.

Will I have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking or in the gym working out?

Definitely not! At MJ Fit Life, simplicity is our mantra. We make everything quick and easy. Fast, easy meals you can also prep in advance and workouts you can do in as little as 30 minutes!

I have a medical condition that has made weight loss difficult in the past, will Forever Fit help me get results even with this condition?

Absolutely. We have successfully helped girls with conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothyroid, Anxiety & Depression as well as those on some medications that hinder fat loss. We will even work with your health professional if need be to tailor your plan to you for the best results.

If I have questions about my program at any time, will someone be available to speak with me quickly?

Absolutely. MJ will be available for you to message any time with any questions. You will have direct access to her and the VIP Fit Fam chat group on Facebook Messenger. MJ will respond to your each question within just a few hours (unless she’s asleep, then in the morning ;P)

Can I still socialise and enjoy alcohol without ruining my progress?

Absolutely! This is all about balance and lifelong results. We encourage balance and show you how to achieve that perfect balance to get amazing results and still enjoy your social life and what we call ‘balance foods’ (pizza, alcohol, ice cream – you see what we mean ;P)

Who is Forever Fit for?

Great question! Because everyone is different Forever Fit is perfect for you if you are:

  • Struggling to lose unwanted fat
  • Find it hard to stick to a diet or exercise routine consistently enough to see results
  • Don’t know what foods or how much you should be eating
  • Don’t know what workouts are right for your goals or how often you should workout
  • Need more energy to get through your daily tasks like work, housework, taking care of your family, and getting out to enjoy life more
  • If you are tired of feeling unhappy, lethargic, sluggish, and uncomfortable in your body

Who is Forever Fit NOT for?

Forever Fit probably won’t work for you if:

  • You are not prepared to take on proven advice from your coach
  • If you are not committed to making real, lasting changes to your body, health & lifestyle
  • If you don’t want to become the happiest, healthiest, fittest & most confident version of yourself for life
  • If you do not want your family & loved ones to benefit from having a happier, more energetic version of you around

How Affordable Is Forever Fit?

Most coaches charge really high prices for coaching and offer very little support! Maybe you’ll have your questions answered once a week via email.

A face-to-face Personal Trainer can be upwards of $80 – $100 just for 1 hour, plus your gym membership!

No 24/7 support, no program to follow for the other days, and most PTs aren’t qualified to offer nutrition advice. You’d have to pay another professional for that – upwards of $100 a week, also with no 24/7 support.

All of this can easily add up to $250 – $300 a week! And you’re left to wing it most of the time so your results will be slower and you’re more likely to give up.

I’ve even seen some online programs that claim to offer everything (except actual 24/7 support) for upwards of $2000 for a simple 12-week framework!

I’m a huge believer that finance should not be what holds you back from becoming the happiest, healthiest & most confident version of you possible.

That’s why I offer Forever Fit for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere and make sure you get the most value and support.

You can even set up your account with easy weekly installments.

Now nothing will hold you back!

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Is my investment safe – Do you offer a guarantee?

I used to be exactly the same as you, I was always hesitant to hand over money for things I couldn’t physically hold in my hand such as a weight loss program (even though you get access to the app and the program immediately). There’s always a little devil on your shoulder that says “but what if… it doesn’t work?”

I can tell you now, that exact thought is what stopped me from excelling at so many things in my life and is definitely the reason I spent over a decade trying to achieve my own dream body.

You cannot fully invest in yourself without investing in yourself.

Free or cheap programs are 100% of the time, USELESS and it is a scientific fact that you are less likely to adhere to something you have not invested in. You simply won’t hold value to it so you’ll give up.

Perfect example: If you spend $40 on a dress you won’t care if you never wear it. But if you spend $500 on a dress, be damned if you’re letting that sit in the cupboard unused! You value it more.

That being said, I am so confident that Forever Fit will be the last weight loss program you’ll ever need that:

I am willing to offer a 100% money-back guarantee* if you see no results.

*Provided you:

  • Take on board all of my advice and implement all changes we discuss. Which of course, will be in line with your current schedule and daily lifestyle.
  • Stick to the meal plan and meal prepping routines
  • Follow your workouts at least 3-4 times per week
  • Have declared any medical conditions that may hinder your progress or ability to follow the program

Forever Fit is NOT a strict program that you have to bend over backwards to stick to.

It is designed to teach you how to easily add healthy habits into your specific and ever-changing lifestyle.

Because that is how you get results that last!

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Hear stories from other Fit Fam Members

Working with coach MJ and the MJ Fit Life Fam will help you become your fittest, healthiest, happiest, and most confident self ever while teaching you healthy habits and giving you the knowledge you need to maintain forever!