I can’t get to a gym, can I do the workouts at home

Absolutely! You can simply choose the option to do your workouts from home when you set up your profile.

How soon can I expect to start seeing results?

You can expect to start feeling more energised, lighter & clear minded within the first few days. Weightloss & improved strength, fitness & tone will begin happening immediately also. Everyone is different which is why as your coach I’ll guide you along the way to get YOUR best results.

What changes to my body and how I feel can I expect to see after I get started?

You will notice yourself having more energy, less brain fog, your digestion will feel better, your relationship with yourself will improve and you will start feeling lighter and stronger. As well of course watching your unwanted bodyfat melt away as you sculpt that fit, toned body.

Do you have any type of guarantee?

If you follow the meal plans and workout programs and take on the advice I give you, you will see amazing results and won’t need a guarantee! I do however offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you get started & realise it’s is not for you. My job and passion is to make fitness & life a whole vibe for you and not a chore.

What will your coaching teach me?

I am here to teach you life long habits & control around how to eat & exercise in a way that works for your preferences, goals & lifestyle to get you into your best physical shape for life, while also giving you the tools to learn about yourself on a deep level, find what makes YOU tick and get the best out of yourself. With me, you’ll develop an unstoppable mindset and insane self trust & confidence – The stuff that creates LASTING results and the best version of you possible!

Are the foods on the meal plans family friendly?

Absolutely! In fact, I can guarantee you have all of the foods in your first meal plan already in your fridge and pantry! We only use simple, everyday healthy foods done in the right way to get you easy results that last.

Will I have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking or in the gym working out?

Definitely not! In the Fit Fam, simplicity is our mantra. We make everything quick and easy. Fast, easy meals you can also prep in advance and workouts you can do in as little as 30 minutes!

How are you different from other coaches?

Unlike most coaches that tell you they’ll coach you on motivation & mindset and then offer the same old useless ‘motivation is a mood’ line – no one does it like us! I understand the deep underlying causes for lack of motivation & self sabotage, I know how our brains work & will coach you to take control of yours to become the most powerful version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be!

I’ve tried so many diets and programs, how can you help me if they didn’t?

My coaching is NOT a cookie-cutter program that you are left to follow alone. It is a fully customised program designed to suit YOUR needs. We find the way of doing the things you need in the specific way that you get the best out of it. PLUS my guidance will help you through the ups, downs and challenges life throws at you – no matter what, you will succeed because we do this YOUR way.

I have a medical condition that has made weight loss difficult in the past, will you help me get results even with this condition?

I am not going to unrealistically promise anything before we’ve met, that’s not fair to you. But I can tell you I have successfully helped girls with conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothyroid, Anxiety & Depression as well as those on some medications that hinder fat loss. I can even work with your health professional if need be to tailor your approach to you for the best results.

What happens if my body plateaus mid-way through, will I get support to keep getting more results?

Yas girl! Fluctuations & plateaus are normal. No stress, I’ll work with you to help you keep things moving the way your body needs.

If I have questions about my program at any time, will someone be available to speak with me quickly?

Absolutely! If you’re in the VIP group chat, you can message me anytime and I’ll respond daily to help you. If you’re not in the VIP chat you can reach out for support by tagging me in a post in the Facebook Community or by emailing support through the link on your App dashboard. You’re NEVER alone!

Can I change to a different program option if I need more or less support?

Your sure can! Simply email support through the link on your App dashboard screen and our team will make it happen for you.

How is working with you any different to other coaches I’ve hired before?

I’m not just here to give you meal plans, workouts and useless surface level motivation tips. When you vibe in my playground, we step you into your highest power physically and mentally! Life is to be lived and we want to live it to it’s FULLEST – my coaching is a full 360 approach to unlocking the best you in fitness and mindset so you can live your best life 100%.

What if there is an exercise I can’t do?

No problem, we’ll help you find an alternative that has the same effect but doesn’t cause issues for you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Simply reach out to me in the VIP chat or FB group or email support through the link on your App dashboard screen.

What if there are foods on the meal plans I can’t eat or don’t like?

No problem! When you set up your profile in your app, you’ll be able to choose your dietary preferences & even tell the app what foods to exclude from your meal plans! Even the fussiest of eaters are catered for! And if there’s a meal you don’t want in your plan at the time – simply hit swap!

Can I still socialise and enjoy alcohol without ruining my progress?

Absolutely! This is all about balance and lifelong results. We encourage balance and show you how to achieve that perfect balance to get amazing results and still enjoy your social life and what we call ‘balance foods’ (pizza, alcohol, ice cream – you see what we mean!)

Are all the members female? I feel more comfortable with others who deal with female bodily processes.

Yeah, babe, we get that. All members are female so we can support you with those girly issues that only we have to deal with.

I feel embarrassed and insecure talking about my health struggles, is this an issue? I don’t want to be judged.

You will NEVER BE JUDGED in the Fit Fam! We are supportive, motivating and encouraging, no matter who you are or what you’re going through.

I see you tag some Fit Fam members in your posts and stories, I don’t want to be mentioned on social media, is this possible?

Not a problem at all, just make this clear to the MJ Fit Life team and your secret journey is safe with us – no tagging or posts will feature you or your name.

I’m over 40 and have been told my metabolism is slow and I will struggle to lose weight, is this true?

No, this is not true. Anyone can get into their best shape. In fact, we have successfully helped women in their 40s and 50s to lose weight and get into their best shape ever!