Does the time of day you eat affect your weightloss?

Are you trying to lose weight but keep giving up because you’re so busy that you struggle to consistently fit all your healthy meals in each day?

Are you also afraid of eating too close to bedtime because you fear it will make you store more fat, so you end up skipping meals or snacks altogether if you didn’t eat them earlier?

When you’re super busy (like mot of us are) it can feel impossible to stick to a healthy eating routine if you think you can only eat meals at certain times of the day in order to get results.

If that’s you & you keep falling off the wagon, waiting for less busy times so that you can finally have time to eat properly, I have an important message to help you see results NOW – no matter how busy you are!

  • The time of day you eat DOES NOT make you gain or lose weight any faster or slower! What’s actually important is your total calorie & nutrient intake over the whole day.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, all you need to do is eat enough healthy calories throughout the day, in a slight 200-300 calorie deficit of your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).
  • So YES! You can eat right before bed even, and STILL lose weight!
  • You will not store calories as fat if you haven’t eaten more calories than you need that day, no matter what time you eat.
  • This also means, it doesn’t matter if breakfast is at 12pm and lunch is at 3pm for example. Or, if you have breakfast at dinner time & dinner at breakfast time (great for night-shift workers!).
  • Skipping meals entirely because you couldn’t eat it at the time you thought you should have will stall your weightloss more, as your body will not be getting enough energy or nutrients to keep your metabolism happily burning fat effectively.
  • Skipping meals, causing undereating will also increase food cravings – especially for sugar!

So, my busy girl, stop worrying about what time you eat and giving up on your weightloss because you’re so busy that you struggle to eat all you required calories at certain times in the day.

Eat them whatever time of day suits you – even if its not the same everyday! You’ll stay more consistent overall, crave less sugar and therefore get much faster weightloss progress & be happier in yourself too!

Flexible eating like this is exactly what we all do in Forever Fit and is why all the girls, no matter how busy they are or what their daily routines look like, are all able to easily burn fat, have more energy & stay in their best shape because they are able to make their eating – the most important thing – work for them!

If you’ve been held back by trying to only eat at certain times in the day from fear of gaining weight, I hope this helps you break free and finally start seeing lasting results too!

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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