Welcome to the MJ Fit Life Forever Fit Health & Lifestyle Transformation Program!

Before we get started – take quick read through the below agreement so that we are on the same page when it comes to accepting and utilising my coaching strategies. Please also download a copy of this to your computer for your own future records.

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to make lasting changes to your health & fitness and thank you for choosing the Forever Fit Health & Lifestyle Transformation Program, developed by MJ Fit Life which is operated by Megan Jane Pearce. (to be referred to as Megan Jane or MJ Fit Life throughout the remainder of this document) to guide you on your journey!

In order to maximise success, it will be necessary for you to follow Program guidelines as agreed between yourself and Megan Jane.

These guidelines include exercise and nutrition coaching. Megan Jane will provide you with meal plans, exercise programs, assistance with overcoming mental barriers and time management, as well as ongoing coaching to help you customise the meal plans and exercises to suit you and your lifestyle for best and lasting results and to best help you achieve your goals.


During your Program, every effort will be made to assure your safety. However, as with any health Program, there are risks, including but not limited to increased heart stress, the chance of musculoskeletal injuries and health issues arising from nutritional intake.

In volunteering for this Program, you agree to assume responsibility for these risks and waive any possibility for personal damages to Megan Jane.

You also agree that, will declare any pre-existing injuries, medical conditions, dietary requirements or other limitations you experience to your knowledge which restrict any aspect of exercise and/or healthy eating.

You also agree that your workouts as part of your fitness Program will be unsupervised. Your exercise programs, meal plans and coaching from Megan Jane will be conducted entirely through online platforms including the MJ Fit Life app and Facebook as well as any phone calls that may be arranged.

You understand that to ensure maximum success requires you to follow the Program in its entirety.


Megan Jane will work with you to overcome any obstacles during your Program that may hinder your success and you understand that given the aforementioned, no absolute guarantees of success can be made. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and you acknowledge an understanding that no responsibility is assumed by the leader of the Program ­ Megan Jane.


Forever Fit is a Transformation Program that can span from 12 weeks, through to 12 months and longer, depending on your goals and needs. Your timeframe begins in the week of initial set up of your monetary instalment account and MJ Fit Life app profile as agreed between you and Megan Jane at the point of setup, unless another date is specified between yourself and Megan Jane at this time.

Megan will help you to understand how long it realistically should take to reach your goal and you will be able to continue your Forever Fit journey until you have reached it and feel confident to maintain your results on your own. At the time you wish to opt out of the Program, simply message Megan through the app to discuss ending your account.


The Full minimum investment of the Forever Fit Transformation Program is 12 weeks which is paid in weekly instalments of $60 per week. This is set up by you at your initial Program sign up through the MJ Fit Life Website and will automatically recur weekly for the duration of your journey.


Megan Jane uses WooCommerce in affiliation with Stripe to securely process your debit/credit card information and set up your secure monetary instalment account. Your information is stored securely by these companies and is not used or distributed to any other party for any reason unless required for legal reasons, in which case you will be notified prior to its release.


Megan Jane offers a 100% money back guarantee for the Forever Fit Transformation Program on the proviso that you have adhered 100% to Megan Jane’s instructions on the Program, have followed all meal plans and workouts and have seen absolutely no results whatsoever.

No refund or monies above your total investment of the Program will be given under any circumstances.


By ticking “Yes, I agree” box, you hereby agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above and release any legal and/or financial responsibility to Megan Jane for any misunderstanding on your part for the agreement you are entering into and your rights therein.


This document is digital and as such, the contents may change over time. Your agreement as this document reads that the time you agree and any changes pertaining to your current agreement will be finalised in writing between you and Megan Jane. The contents of this document may change in future in no relation to your agreement so keeping a copy of your current agreement as it stands will serve for you as your records.

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