Calorie Burner – Cardio EMOM HIIT

Let’s get a sweat on, Fam! This HIIT is an extract from one of the live Zoom HIITs I take the Forever Fit Fam through every Tuesday

The burn was real, so you know its gonna get you awesome results!

This workout is an EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) so you work for a full minute then recover

That means your muscles burn more and your heartrate gets higher so you get fitter and burn more calories in less time!

Bonus – no equipment and almost no space needed so you can do it anywhere, anytime!


1️⃣ 20 seconds TAPDOWNS
2️⃣ 20 seconds SIDE STEP JUMPS
3️⃣ 20 seconds ROUND THE WORLD TAPS
➡️ 30 seconds rest
➡️ Repeat as many rounds as you can!
(20 rounds is an awesome 30 minute burner)

Check out the videos below to see me showing you how the round go and how to do the moves properly:

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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