Are Your ‘Healthy’ Snacks Accidentally Making You Gain Weight?

You will always hear me telling you to opt for natural, refined sugar free treats and snacks in place of processed, low nutrient ones like muesli bars, biscuits & slices.

Because being energised, healthy and being able to burn fat easier, comes down to the quality of the nutrients you eat.

This is why all of my treat recipes are made from natural, nutrient dense ingredients.

But there’s something you need to be aware of when having these healthier treats that can cause you to accidentally gain weight if you aren’t careful.

So, here it is for you to avoid this happening:

Because these healthy treats are made from higher nutrient foods, they are more calorie dense.

Ingredients such as nuts, coconut oil, coconut, seeds, honey/maple syrup, cacao butter and avocado to name a few. These foods have higher fat and carbohydrate contents than processed foods where the good nutrients are removed.

The nutrients and calories in these foods are most definitely better for you but it’s important to be aware that the calories can quickly add up.

Fore example, a 150g processed chocolate bar may only have about 180 calories, as opposed to a healthy, 150g nutrient dense nut bar, that could have 250 calories. You are still much better off having the healthy nut bar, as the nutrients in this are better for you than the chocolate bar. They will help your body work better, for more energy, less stress and easier fatloss.

You are much better off to eat these healthier treats, rather than processed, low nutrient foods that are useless for your body.

But remember to be careful when you are adding them into your diet by making sure that you account for the added calories so you don’t over consume.

This way, you’ll see your energy increase, sugar cravings decrease and you’ll keep your weight in check too!

I hope this was helpful!

Love & Fitness,

MJ xx

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