5 ways to reduce your bloating right now

Bloating is one of the MOST uncomfortable health issues, am I right? Not only does it hurt, but it can make your clothes fit uncomfortably.
Or worse, you get asked if you’re pregnant!

But it can also be one of the hardest things to stop because so many things can cause it – not including your monthlys!
And you can spend forever, uncomfortably struggling through it trying to work out why its happening to you and getting nowhere.

I hear this a lot and I also help a LOT of ladies stop their bloating in as little as one week!

In fact, all of the ladies I work with on my Forever Fit program who suffer bloating say their bloating is gone within their first week of starting Forever Fit! So we know my tips work!

Each of us has more bacteria in our gut that there are grains of sand on all the world beaches combined! And the balance of that bacteria is slightly different as well, so we are all affected in different ways that can cause bloating in all of us.

Bloating is caused when the bacteria (microbiome) in our gut are not properly balanced and/or are struggling to properly digest or deal with foods passing through our gut. The resulting by-product of this struggle is the production of gas that causes us to bloat.

Here are the main 5 things that cause bloating for you to assess in your own lifestyle so that you can fast-track your relief:

  1. Processed sugars & carbohydrates like white breads, pasta, packet cereals etc. NOT all carbohydrates though, as these are necessary. (Such as potato, rice, oats, fruit, etc.)
  2. Caffeine – especially if you consume a lot (like over 3 shots a day)
  3. Chemicals & additives in processed/packaged foods such as soft drink, muesli bars, deli meats, etc.
  4. Stress & lack of sleep (that often go hand in hand). This raises your stress hormone levels which directly impact the performance of your digestion.
  5. Not enough water (under 1.5 or 2L per day)

Take a look at your current lifestyle and see if one or some of these things are causing your bloating.

Without a doubt, the one thing that stops me from getting bloated & immediately eases bloating in the Fit Fam ladies is removing processed foods from their daily diet & consuming, wholefoods that are nutrient dense & un-processed. Even before changing caffeine or water intake, they see results.

I hope it helps you too!


Love & Health, Coach MJ xx

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