3 weightloss things that nearly killed me – You need to avoid!

Weightloss is a brutal process at the start, isn’t it?

I remember when I first realised I’d gained 15kg after finishing school, I was horrified!
The young, naturally fit girl who’d never had to worry about what she wore or how she felt in public, or how she looked in photos was screaming in horror the day my favourite shorts didn’t fit & I noticed how out of shape I’d become.

I’d never had to watch what I ate, or intentionally exercise to lose weight so the fear set in and I started googling weightloss hacks – this weight had to go NOW!

Social media was only just starting to come out and fitness influencers were exploding! Because their methods hadn’t been exposed for how unhealthy & unsustainable they were, I jumped on all of them, trying to shift this weight. I was convinced that a quick fix would be a lasting fix, because I had never lost weight before to know that it would come back once I stopped doing whatever I did to get the weight off.

I remember crying at my desk one day as I sat down and my work pants dug into my tummy. This was not me, I’m not meant to be overweight,  why was this happening?

1. The first thing I tried was cutting carbs and eating less than 1200 calories a day, plus trying to spend an hour doing cardio every day. The lack of nutrients stopped my body working properly & I became unable to digest food properly. I was getting dizzy, couldn’t sleep, I had horrible memory and always felt so anxious. The worst part? I was too scared to go to the doctor cause I knew they’d tell me to eat more & I’d gain weight again!
2. The next thing I tried was juice cleanses. No food for 5 days, just juice. I spent about $100 and all I got was insane cravings which I fed after the 5th day and gained more weight because all I lost in the 5 days was water weight because my body hoarded the fat when the food stopped coming.
3. Then I tried these almost lethal Garcinia Cambogia capsules from Ebay. I nearly died because they have calcium & potassium in them and if dosed incorrectly – your heart can stop – my pulse got so slow I felt like I couldn’t breathe! (PLEASE be careful with any weightloss supps – I thought these were safe & I did a LOT of research!)

I remember calling my mum in tears thinking I was going to die but unable to tell her why out of embarrassment. 
I was so anxious and scared because I’d tried so many things and still didn’t have my toned fit body back, I’d just punished it more!

The only thing I saw success with was getting a fitness trainer to show me how to eat & exercise properly.
12 weeks after I started a program, I developed tone, I had more energy, I was no longer anxious & I was in LOVE with how healthy & strong I felt!

The rest is obviously history because I went on to become a trainer & created my Forever Fit program to help girls who have struggled like me to avoid the mistakes I made and get they right help & results they want straight away.

​I am now the most confident, happy & in control of my life & body than ever & I hope reading this helps you avoid trying unhealthy quick fixes, being emotionally exhausted & get real results sooner too xx

If you have any questions about what is right for you to get faster & lasting results in the best healthy way,

Please send me a DM on Facebook Messenger by clicking here saying FIT & lets align your health journey with your goals and get your confidence back now!

Love & Fitness, Coach MJ xx

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