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Are you ready to stop yo-yo dieting & binge eating and finally feel energised, happy & confident in your body again – without having to give up your favourite foods?

Hey beautiful! I'm MJ, short for Megan Jane...

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Nutrition Coach, and founder of my lifestyle and health transformation program Forever Fit.

After battling my own struggles with weight gain in my early twenties and trying every fast solution under the sun to lose weight quickly, I soon learned those quick fixes do not work.

I spent years feeling lost, stuck and frustrated, hating my body. I felt lethargic all the time. I was self-conscious, and just not enjoying my life to its fullest, or giving the best of myself to those I cared about.

This is not how I wanted to waste my life. I knew something had to change but had no idea where to start. So I tried every diet out there for years, getting nowhere.

I slowly learned the only real way to become my most energised, happy, and confident self was to learn how to properly fuel my body with the right foods, exercise in the right way to tone up & feel fit and learn how to balance all this into my hectic lifestyle so I could stay this way forever – not just till I ‘finished a program or diet’.

It wasn’t until I mastered this that I saw how easily the extra weight was coming off. I was treating my body right which found me my confidence again. I actually stopped needing to turn to junk food for comfort or an afternoon energy boost.

I had more energy and performed better at work, I was loving my body & feeling healthier & fitter so I started enjoying time with family and friends more, I was actually living!

I fell so much in love with taking care of my body that it all became second nature and I now live in a body I love because of these healthy habits I learned to fit easily into my life.

But it wasn’t easy from the start and I also noticed so many other ladies struggling with excess weight, low energy, and confidence, not feeling happy or being able to give their best to their family, work, and friends.

I wanted so badly to help these ladies learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, as I did so they could have more energy all day, be more confident & productive, be better for their families, enjoy socialising again and get their lives back!

And so, after seeing my own transformation & then falling so in love with health, I gained my qualifications, and created my Forever Fit health and lifestyle transformation program, using the exact eating, exercise, and mindset methods that helped me start living my best life again!

So now, you can have this too, and it’s easier than you think!

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  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Nutrition Coach
  • Meal & Menu Planning
  • Group Exercise Leader

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