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Hey beautiful, I’m Coach MJ, a Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Nutrition Coach, Personal Development Mentor and your new no BS bestie here to help you unlock your highest potential!

I have been on both sides of health – I grew up active & fit – horses, netball, young kid stuff. I never had to pay attention to how well I ate or how active I was to be a healthy weight.

Once I turned 18 everything changed. I stopped being active, I could drive so junk food drive throughs became a regular. Add alcohol to the mix with hungover binge sessions & before I knew it I’d gained 15kg & suddenly found myself in a body I didn’t recognise or feel healthy in. To make matters worse, the ‘get skinny’ culture I grew up in put so much pressure on me to lose this weight quickly & get a tiny, bikini body like the Instagram influencers.

My confidence suffered immensely and was made worse because I had no idea how to lose this weight. In desperation, I tried everything – cutting carbs, calorie restriction & excessive cardio, juice detoxes, weightloss pills. None of them worked & I actually ended up very unwell.

Those extremes & all the restriction I tried also resulted in a very poor relationship with my body & food. Even if I lost some weight, I still wasn’t happy because it felt hard to maintain so I’d binge & self sabotage in frustration.

I knew there had to be a healthy way to do this. It had seemed like no matter what I did, I could not break my binge eating habits & struggled to stay motivated – I was constantly self sabotaging.

I desperately wanted to live my best fun, balanced lifestyle, so I slowly started educating myself on how to truly lose weight & get healthy. Over years of trial & error, I found what works and I’m now the happiest, most energised and most confident I’ve ever been!

I discovered that proper diet & exercise are important, but without having your mindset right, those things can’t be effective. But what’s more, the deeper you know yourself & how to do everything in the exact best way for YOU, nothing can stop you!

Once I learned this & realised that most health programs don’t truly teach you how to unlock your highest potential in this way – or to easily break the unhealthy habits holding you back, I knew this had to be something I taught!

My coaching is based on exactly how I have created my healthy lifestyle & taken control of my mindset to help you do the same –  without ruining your body, risking your health & happiness or wasting years in the process, like I did.

Are you ready to thrive with me too?

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  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Nutrition Coach
  • Meal & Menu Planning
  • Group Exercise Leader

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